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Times Square in the Snow - New York City (some updates about my book too!)

I wanted to sincerely thank everyone for such an incredible outpouring of love regarding my New York City coffee table book: NY Through The Lens. I, honestly, was gob-smacked this past weekend  when responding to the comments on my various posts about the book on Facebook, Twitter,  Google +,  Tumblr and  Instagram. 

I feel so spoiled by all of you! Seriously. 

I think a lot about a passage written by E.M. Forster that really resonated with me back when I was a budding Literary Criticism & Theory major:

Only connect! That was the whole of her sermon. 
Only connect the prose and the passion, and both will be exalted, 
And human love will be seen at its height. 
Live in fragments no longer. 
Only connect…

—E.M. Forster, Howards End

Forster’s characters are constantly plagued by dilemmas that stunt true connection despite the positive implications of the phrase. While Forster’s usage of the phrase has different meanings colored by the context of the era he was writing about, I have always thought about the phrase in the context of sharing pieces of ourselves in an era of surface sharing on the internet. We share a lot in the hopes of some sort of connection but actual connections seem mired in ambiguity and pretense.

When I started to share my (often) emotional writing and photography, I felt incredibly vulnerable (I still do, to be honest). But every time I get an email or message or comment that indicates that someone else felt the feelings I described in my writing or conveyed with my photography, it’s one of the most beautiful feelings. 

I still close my eyes and click or tap on the Submit button on my blog sometimes because what I write and what I convey with my photography is so intensely personal. But it all feels worthwhile during life moments like this one.

So, thank you for that.


Updated info about the book:

I updated my blog post that contains pre-sale links with some edits to answers and updated questions:

New York City Coffee Table Book: NY Through The Lens

Updates include:

1 - The page counts are actually the same for the paperback version and the hardcover version. It’s an Amazon foible that has them listed differently. It will be corrected soon.

2 - There are updated links for the UK version of the book as well as a separate link for those who live in Australia as Booktopia Australia has the book listed which will cut down on shipping costs for those down under!

3 -  I have also answered the number one question I received about purchasing the book in other parts of Europe and Asia:

Answer: Here is the low-down on the book’s release. It is available in the English language on Amazon throughout most of Europe (and parts of Asia).

If you go to your country’s Amazon and search for: NY Through The Lens, my book will show up. This is your own country’s option for purchasing the book. Just remember that the shipping will be local and the currency will be friendly to where you live but the book will be in English.

Hope this helps!

Again, if you missed the flurry of announcements and are totally lost right now. Here is the original announcement about the book along with TONS of info, photos, and answers to questions:

New York City Coffee Table Book: NY Through The Lens

Much love, 


P.S. - I will get back to posting about my South of France, Paris, and Martinique adventures soon! We left off in Nice. I didn’t forget ;). Also, newer NYC photography! I have some exciting NYC adventures coming up.

P.P.S. - I also added a handy link to my book post to my navigation bar over on  my blog. If you are on a laptop or desktop, the navigation bar is under my blog title. If you are on mobile (as I am mainly these days), the navigation bar is nested below the first page of blog content. 


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